Everything you need to know about Tamlin’s prefab timberframe homes.

Tamlin Homes FAQs

What are the advantages of using a Tamlin Home Package?

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  • Reliable system for your building project
  • Faster build and quicker way to turn key
  • Manageable “one-stop” building solution
  • Deal direct with the manufacturer
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Fixed materials pricing
  • Flexibility: Standard models or full customization
  • Natural materials & low maintenance options
  • Plug into our builder & subtrade network
  • Dependable customer service

Tell me about Tamlin’s Specialty: Post & Beam, Timber Frame

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  • What is the quality of Tamlin’s Post and Beam or Timber Frame?
  • Does The Timber Frame come with hardware?
  • What is the final finish of Timbers?
  • Can I get custom Timbers as rough sawn, reclaimed or rustic, or different finishes as an option?
  • Where does Tamlin’s Douglas Fir come from?
  • Can I buy Timbers from my local lumber yard and are they the same quality?
  • Does Tamlin offer kiln dried, air dried, reclaimed or radio frequency dried customs Timbers?
  • Will my solid Timbers check or twist?
  • When my house package is designed, how can I see where the Timbers are located in each room?
  • Can I have a combination of decorative and structural Timber or Post & Beam components in my house plan?
  • What does “Hybrid” Timber Frame mean?
  • Are glue laminated timbers (“Glulam”) and solid Douglas Fir Timbers the same?
  • Can I have Tamlin design and supply a Timber stair with my House Package?

Questions about designing your home with Tamlin

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  • Design flexibility
  • Tell me about Tamlin’s designers
  • Is there another degree in Timber Frame or Post and Beam design?
  • What is the difference between an Architectural Technologist and an Architect?
  • Do I need an engineer for my project?
  • Do I need other professionals?
  • Do I need to hire an Interior Designer for my House Project?
  • Will I save money using Tamlin Designers to design a plan?
  • What design software do you use?
  • What plans will I receive with my house?
  • If I have a registered architect, will Tamlin work with me?
  • Can I modify an existing plan?
  • Why start with Tamlin for design?
  • How much does designing a set of plans cost?
  • Does Tamlin include permit drawings, construction plans, foundation plans and engineering?
  • How much do final plans cost?

How do I get started? How do I order my House Package? What are the Lead Times? What about Financing?

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  • Contact Tamlin by phone or email and we will reply
  • If I have a set of sketches, drawing ideas, sample photos, plans, etc., how do I get started on drawings?
  • What is the process for ordering, and shipping?
  • When should I order my House Package if I want to build in the spring?
  • What is a good time to get to “lock-up”?
  • What about financing?

Why should I trust Tamlin Homes?

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  • 40 years experience
  • Technical expertise
  • We are a manufacturer with real builder experience
  • We have a full range of products and methods to suit your project
  • Planning expertise
  • Our owners have hands-on involvement
  • Tamlin’s professional standing
  • Tamlin is an award-winning Home Builder
  • We have won Customer Service Awards
  • Customer stories

What is included in a Home Package?

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  • What building components are included in a Tamlin House Package?
  • What else does a House Package include?
  • Does every House Package contain the same Materials Package?
  • Can my prefabricated Home Package be completely customized?
  • Can I just choose a model or standard plan and order a House Package?
  • Are all House Packages or kits the same no matter who I talk with, such as other Prefabricated Manufacturers?
  • What drawings will Tamlin provide?
  • Who will review my Building Code Requirements and make sure The Plans Conform?
  • Are all the materials in a House Package Prefabricated?
  • Is any spare material provided?
  • What labour is required for a House Package when it arrives on site?
  • What is not included in a House Package?
  • Can Tamlin help me decide which items to do myself and recommend other items for professionals to tackle?
  • Is a Tamlin package just a bunch of materials?
  • What is the difference between Prefabricated and Modular?
  • What is Tamlin’s process for ordering a House Package?
  • How do I receive a quotation for a Custom or Standard Plan?
  • What warranty is provided with my Home Package?
  • How are the materials shipped to my building site?
  • What shipping documentation will I receive?
  • What equipment do I need for unloading on site?
  • What equipment do I need for the assembly of panelized walls and Timbers?

What other wood products does Tamlin provide?

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  • Can Tamlin design and supply my deck system and porch?
  • What about premade stairs?
  • Can Tamlin provide other wood Finishing Products?
  • Can these products be prefinished or prestained at the factory?

How Much Does A Tamlin Home Cost To Build?

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  • The range of costs
  • How much is a House Package? What about options?
  • How do I determine a realistic budget?
  • Is there a significant cost savings by trying to manage the project myself and use the Tamlin House Package System?
  • Can I save costs if I live in the USA and want to import a Tamlin House Package?
  • Construction cost considerations
  • Can Tamlin help provide a ballpark cost of building one of their Standard Models?
  • Will Tamlin guarantee my costs?
  • Can Tamlin help provide a rough cost on a set of plans that I already have?
  • What is the best way to calculate construction costs for my project?
  • If have a remote site or Island Location, is it more expensive to build here and will it take longer?
  • Can I save costs if I live in another country and want to import a Tamlin House Package?

What is the Process to Order a Tamlin House Package?

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  • The Process

Construction Questions

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  • The more we know about your project, the more we can help you plan
  • Who will construct my House Package?
  • Can I buy my House Package from Tamlin, and have Tamlin help with some of The Construction?
  • How long will it take to assemble a Prefabricated Tamlin House Package?
  • What factors can affect how long construction takes?
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the advantages of using a Tamlin Home Package? Here are a dozen reasons.


 A Reliable System for a Remote or Cottage Building Project


When you are planning a project in a remote location or resort community where there the availability of skilled designers, carpenters, project managers, and general contractors is extremely limited or at a premium cost we have the solution for you. Or perhaps you have just not quite found the right combination of architect, designer, or builder to work with who can allow you a little or a lot of involvement in your project. Tamlin has helped hundreds of clients design and build their custom homes over the past 40 years by overcoming the challenges of a distance and time no matter where they are building. With the ever increasing complexity of design and building code requirements, by using Tamlin’s house package system you can finally move ahead step by step at your own pace to plan and construct your home. Whether you plan on managing your own project or working with a builder, either way we can help.


 Faster Build and Quicker Way to Turn Key


If you have decided to manage your own building project, Tamlin will work together with you to save hundreds of hours in construction planning and building. Start with an existing predesigned plan and quickly have it modified to your specific needs. This can be done in as little as 2-4 weeks compared to 4-6 months or more with a traditional approach. Then while we are preparing your permit plans and prefabricated package you can use the time to prepare your site and foundation. Once the prefabricated house package arrives on site, you will save weeks or months in framing. After you get to “lock up” with or without our optional labour or site supervision, a weathertight home now offers a manageable way for you to schedule the interior finishing at your pace.


 Manageable “One Stop” building solution


Tamlin makes it easy to plan, design, budget and coordinate your building project all with one company and one time line rather than multiple companies. We will help you streamline the planning and coordination process and reduce your risk of wasting time and money on features or processes that may not be optimal for your situation. This starts with plan design consultation based on your budget and then we will work on a set of conceptual or preliminary plans with you. You do not have to search for a designer, interior designer, architect or engineer since we can provide these or recommend the right mix for your project. Need help with a site visit? Yes, we can make it happen and provide our recommendations. We will also help you configure the most optimal way to get your house package to “lock up” or dry in stage and you can plug into our full range of building support contacts from foundations to framing and finishing (depending upon your location). Once you purchase a Tamlin Home Package, you can benefit through our supplier network — and save even more. If you need kitchen appliances for example; you will receive Tamlin’s builder discounts DIRECT from a select group of recommended suppliers (note: this is only for the province of BC).


We can build your whole house (depending on the location) or we can connect you with the right builder or subtrades to get the job done. Have a look at our general contracting website at www.tamlincustomhomes.com


 Allows you to stay in control, cut out the middle man and deal directly with the manufacturer


Our one-stop building solution also allows owners to maintain control over budgets, schedules, specifications, and installation methods, since we integrate you into the planning and building process. The house package is also a fixed price, so you are guaranteed that prices will not go up once your order is placed and there are no additional materials outlays as the shell of the house is constructed. Depending on your level of expertise and involvement we can structure your house package to have us deal with technical issuesm, permit plans and focus on getting all your materials to the site when you need them. This allows you to focus on other important areas to best utilize your skillset. When you are choosing your specifications and options such as decks or triple sealed windows you are in control of the costs and the savings are made by dealing directly with Tamlin, who is the manufacturer. Our system works perfectly for home-owners who want to be involved in their building project.


 Faster build Time Frame


By utilizing Tamlin’s prefabricated house package systems, an average lock up construction time can be reduced by up to 50%. Instead of hand framing in the rain or harsh weather conditions, or waiting for subtrades to come back and forth from a number of other projects, the house package or shell of the home can be assembled quickly with factory test fit timber components, and ready to assemble wall systems which can be either preframed panels or insulated panels. Tamlin’s roof systems are available as engineered trusses or joist systems, precut timber components, or even pre-insulated panels, ready for installation. Also with Tamlin’s premade stairs, predesigned deck systems, and prestained sidings, you will save huge amounts of time in construction on site.


 Guaranteed Quality


Tamlin’s 40th Anniversary is in 2017. One of the reasons for our success has been our consistent quality of service and our dependable quality of materials. The quality of all our components in our house packages is meticulously controlled and shipped right to your job site. Quality starts with proper detailed plans, specifications, and production processing. Many of our custom wood components such as our Douglas Fir Timber Frame components are test fit first at our factory so on site, reassembly is quick and accurate. The quality of our house packages is also guaranteed through a full Bill of Materials which lists every component and where it is installed. Brand name windows and doors have full factory warranties.


 Fixed materials pricing


When you order a Tamlin house package or kit, we guarantee the price. Quite often the house package is shipped months after the order depending on lead times for manufactured components. The price of the house package is fixed, so there is no concern of cost increases once the house package is ordered. For financing this is often a benefit as banks prefer the lower risk for construction with known budgets.


 Standard Models or Full Customization


Tamlin has hundreds of standard designs which can be ordered easily as a house package, whether you like contemporary or traditional styles. However, we treat every project as completely unique and this often means that each house will be designed to meet your functional and design requirements but also suit the characteristics of your site (slope, forested, views, access, etc). Sometimes Tamlin can make minimal modifications to standard plans which are very cost effective. Have a look at some of our AWARD WINNING PLANS at www.tamlinplansLINK. Tamlin often customizes the design but also the specifications of your house package. If you prefer a fully customized design we can work with you from scratch to provide the ideal home for your needs. On more than one occasion have clients brought in their “binders” with years of collected design ideas and we are always ready to put your ideas onto paper.


 Natural Materials and Low Maintenance Options


Our west coast solid Douglas Fir timber frame used in our post & beam homes is a Tamlin specialty. (See item ____ below for more details on our timber frame).


Tamlin’s west coast homes often feature natural western red cedar sidings (durable and rot resistant), select grade Douglas Fir and low VOC stains. Our low maintenance energy efficient windows have an optional Douglas Fir interior finish. Enjoy the quality of our solid Douglas Fir entry door units, prehung, predrilled and ready to install. Or you may prefer a fire resistant, low maintenance cement fibre board for your exterior sidings, with a wood grain stainable insulated fibreglass door unit, with custom Douglas Fir jambs.


 Plug into our builder and subtrade network


For every building project, especially remote access, cottage or island building, being able to source from a qualified labour pool is always a challenge. While there might be local excavation or foundation crews available, sometimes the optimal mix of crews may have to be sourced from both inside and outside your building location. While we cannot guarantee crews for every jobsite, the choice of working with a company like Tamlin with a great reputation and future business potential creates an attractive win-win (customer-builder-manufacturer) relationship. For extremely remote locations where accommodation might be an issue, Tamlin even has its own trailers for use (depending on region). With all the complexities of building a house, why not work with a manufacturer with builder’s experience? No matter where you are located we can modify our level of support to help you schedule your job. You can feel free to utilise our builder referral service and subtrade network whenever you need.


 Personalized customer service and dependability


We answer phones and get back to you as soon as possible. Tamlin was awarded the HOUZZ customer service award three years in a row in 2014, 2015 and 2016. If you prefer to call us, we try to take all calls during business hours, so you don’t have to wait. If you prefer to correspond with us by email, our goal is to return your initial inquiry within 24 hours. At the planning stage when you are trying to come up with the best house design for your lot conditions, you may want to contact us for a site visit to get a second opinion on your ideas. We often combine other professional visits to the building site if it is remote (such as a surveyor, septic specialist, and soils engineer ). Our commitment from the beginning is to save you money and time and make the job as efficient as possible.


 Meeting your expectations


The number one challenge with building is meeting expectations, so the client – builder – manufacturer understand each others’ responsibilities and what to expect at each stage of the construction process. Quality, speed and cost are all important and we try to achieve a balance of these with every project. Our focus is get you to lock up within budget, within the time lines expected, and with the quality we all expect. In order to achieve this we consider communication the most critical part of any job, and this starts with having the right experienced staff from designers through to production and shipping personnel. Our seasoned project managers are always available to help you make the right decisions based on your priorities and our quotation and product specialists will help educate you on the latest product features. The best way to see how we have performed to meet and exceed expectations is to read through our testimonials or ask for our building references (See Tamlintestimonials link). Are we perfect? No, we are human and we make mistakes too. But we are dedicated and 100% committed to every project.

Tell me about Tamlin’s Specialty, Post & Beam or Timber Frame

 What is the quality of Tamlin’s post and beam or timber frame?

Tamlin specializes in the design and prefabrication of west-coast timber frame. When you order a Tamlin house package, each standard plan starts with its own balance of and custom hand crafted ͞free of heart centre Douglas Fir timbers with mortise & tenon joinery OR your timber frame may be a combination of the above with solid glue-laminated, kiln dried solid Douglas Fir timbers. Have a look at our photo gallery to really see the quality of our timber frame! (www.tamlinhomes.galleryLINK)

 Does the timber frame have hardware?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. This will depend on engineering for each job. Typically if hardware is used for engineering purposes, it is a hidden fastener system so your connections will look clean and simple. Or if you prefer to have hardware visible we can customize your order.

 What is the final finish of timbers?

After hand crafting and custom fitting/cutting and test fitting, the timbers are hand sanded for a smooth finish. Custom stain can be applied at the factory as an option to reduce labour costs and protect the timbers during construction. We have excellent, durable and proven recommended stains for our timber frame. If you choose our factory prefinishing, we can even prestain samples after an order is placed, so you can see first hand what the colour looks like.

 Can I get custom timbers as rough sawn, reclaimed or rustic, or different finishes as an option?

Yes, we often supply oversized timbers, or rustic appearance timbers that will still maintain the proper strength. We can also provide custom hardware if you want it to show or you may prefer to stay with our hand crafted mortise & tenon joinery.

 Where does Tamlin’s douglas fir come from?

Typically the west coast of British Columbia, where the quality of harvested wood is world class.

 Can I buy timbers from my local lumber yard and are they the same quality?

No, Tamlin works directly with the larger mills where specially cut and graded timber are produced from larger diameter logs typically 2-3 feet in diameter. These logs are professionally cut or “resawn”, and graded for appearance and strength. Typical post and beam sizes would be 6×6, 6×8, 8×8, 9×9, 10×10, 12×12, 8×16, 10 x 12, 10x 14, 10x 16 and larger.

 Does Tamlin offer kiln dried, air dried, reclaimed or radio frequency dried customs timbers?

Yes, we can. If you are building more of a traditional custom timber frame home and want the highest quality of solid timber which reduces checking, twisting and shrinkage, we can provide our free of heart centre Douglas Fir timbers with optional drying methods.

 Will my solid timbers check or twist?

There is a possibility but Tamlin’s strict grading and quality control reduces the likelihood significantly. Because the beauty of timbers are the knots and natural wood features, small natural movement is acceptable. Tamlin͛s free of heart center (FOHC) specifications for timbers helps maintain the stability of each piece significantly. Our quality starts with the finest Douglas Fir in North America. Our structural and appearance grade wood is meticulously selected and handled. In particular, precision hand crafting of wood components and test fitting at the factory ensures a snug and perfect fit on site. Our reputation is built on our wood quality and you can photos for yourself at www.tamlinhomes.gallerylink

 When my house package is designed, how can I see where the timbers are located in each room?

Tamlin will provide a 3D drawing re rendering which is much more explanatory than a two dimensional floor layout where you have to guess what the timber structure might look like. Once you see our 3D drawing, you will be able to visualise your timber structure.

 Can I have a combination of decorative and structural timber or post & beam components in my house plan?

Yes. We can also help your budget by balancing these items throughout the design, so you have real timber in the areas that you can feel and touch, whereas the other areas inside closets or areas where timbers cannot be seen and can be eliminated to reduce costs.

 What does HYBRID timber frame mean?

This means we can design your whole house to include a balance of structural timbers, decorative timbers, structural engineered building components (like roof trusses, premade wall panels, pre-insulated roof panels, hand framed joists or truss joists for vaulted areas) and this combination of prefabricated, traditional and conventional wood framing is our “hybrid” approach. This gives you the maximum leverage to balance appearance, strength and cost. A big factor in how we design these systems in one house is how you intend to assemble the structure on site.

 Are glue laminated timbers (“glulam”) and solid douglas fir timbers the same?

No. Glulam structural wood components are laminated smaller pieces of Douglas Fir made into posts and beams. If your house package has glulamed beams, Tamlin will specify “clear glue” so you don͛t see the typical dark lines in between laminations. The glulam beams use a special structural and appearance grade of wood and one big advantage is that they can be made in 20-30 or even 40 foot lengths which can span significant distances from a structural point of view. You have the choice to use glulam wood products or more traditional solid timber posts & beams with authentic hand crafted mortise and tenon joinery.

 Can I have Tamlin design and supply a timber stair with my house package?

Yes, Tamlin designs and builds your stair system in our factory. Depending upon your house design, this may be a straight run stair, open riser, closed or housed stringer, two or three level with prebuilt landing, or any other custom style that you can imagine. A typical stair system uses Douglas Fir air dried or kiln dried treads and stringers. We can also design and supply Douglas Fir handrails and posts which can be installed on site. While some cutting is required on site for the handrails, the premade base stair unit can be hoisted into place quick and easily on site, saving a huge amount of labour. Tamlin can prestain the stair unit as an option (western red cedar is available as a custom order). Have a look at some of our stair systems at www.tamlingallerylink.

Questions about Designing Your House with Tamlin

 Design Flexibility

Tamlin will consult with you on design and answer your design questions. With our 40 years of design experience we try to balance style, function and budget. We can design traditional or contemporary styles, full structural timber frame or hybrid timber frame, one floor or two, basement walk out, custom decks, full folding glass doors, multiunit sliding doors, or French doors. Custom open riser timber stairs or more contemporary glass railing. One level, vaulted, loft, clearstory, or multilevel. Cabins, cottages, residences, or even resort style buildings and commercial buildings.

 Tell me about Tamlin’s designers

Tamlin has our own experienced designers. While each designer typically has a degree in Architectural and Building Technology, our hands on experience in designing homes is our real strength. We also use a team approach to design and depending on the complexity of your project, we also can integrate interior designers and our own project managers at various stages of the project for their input as required.

 Is there another degree in timber frame or post and beam design?

Does a registered architect need to be involved in the design of a timber frame house design? Post & beam and timber frame is a unique area where a combination of education and experience is often the only way to develop the know how to expertly design, manufacture – and then provide a completely prefabricated system shipped and assembled on site. Tamlin has this experience. For more customized building projects Tamlin welcomes working with registered architects directly or through their clients. Tamlin also has a network of registered architects whom we can recommend and whom we have worked with on timber frame projects.

 What is the difference between an architectural technologist and an architect?

Architectural technology is often the ͞base͟ for education to become a registered architect. Tamlin͛s architectural technologists specialize in residential construction, and post & beam/timber frame structuresm whereas a registered architect has a much greater span of responsibility from more complex residential buildings to commercial strcutures, hotels, government offices, high rises, bridges and other institutional projects.

 Do I need an engineer for my project?

Yes. In all of Tamlin’s projects we work with structural engineers to make sure your home is designed and stamped for your location, in BC, Canada or the USA.

 Do I need other professionals?

Typically yes. These may include Geotech engineering for soils, surveyors, or environmental specialists when required. Other professionals may be required for septic/sanitary systems, water/wells, blasting, drainage, etc.

 Do I need to hire an interior designer for my house project?

This is a personal preference. With Tamlin͛s predesigned plans you may find that you have enough information to make your own decisions, since we have such a large selection of photos and existing plans to choose from.

 Will I save money using Tamlin designers to design a plan?

Yes, you can and we encourage you to compare similar quality services.

 What design software do you use?

We use a combination of our own architectural software systems, CAD (computer aided design), and various 3 dimensional software systems perspectives. We also use archi-CAD, and Buildertrend project manager building software depending on the scope and complexity of each project.

 What plans will I receive with my house?

Tamlin provides conceptual drawings, 3D Perspective drawings, full permit drawings and construction drawings. Depending on your building location, we will also provide or coordinate engineering stamps for the plans. When your order is placed we produce our own in-house ͞bill of materials͟ which lists every component in your house package and the drawings show where each item is located. Tamlin also produces timber joinery drawings and various shop drawings for manufacturing such as panelized walls, engineered floor system layouts and premade timber stair systems. A final engineered set of plans, permit drawings and construction drawings is typically provided with each house package.

 If I have a registered architect, will Tamlin work with me?

Yes, if you have a plan drawn by a registered architect and would like to have Tamlin help with technical details to ensure our timber frame system is incorporated into your home, we are happy to work with all professionals.

 Modify an existing plan

Sometimes this is the easiest starting place and Tamlin has a huge base of plans to choose from.

 Why start with Tamlin for design?

Tamlin designers have been involved in hundreds of projects and we use our experience to provide the most efficient design system for your project. We will design your home from the beginning to integrate the proper details of our manufactured systems. Sometime we get plans that do not integrate timber, log or other structural elements correctly and we can save you time and money by starting the process with us from day one.

 How much does designing a set of plans cost?

Tamlin starts with preliminary designs before any construction drawings are completed. These conceptual drawings typically include floor plans, elevations, sections, and simple 3D perspectives and a preliminary building review is usually carried out at this stage. Depending on the complexity of your plans or if you are simply modifying an existing plan, ask Tamlin for a free preliminary design estimate. Sometimes a site visit is done at this stage too.

 Does Tamlin include permit drawings, construction plans, foundation plans, and engineering?

Yes, however some of these items are included in the house package while others will be separate charges. Depending on your building location and project details, costs may vary.

 How much do final plans cost?

A complete set of construction plans is part of the house package. However, depending on your location and type of house package, permit plans may be charged separately.


 Contact Tamlin by phone or email and we will reply.
 If I have a set of sketches, drawing ideas, sample photos, plans, etc., how do I get started on drawings?

Contact Tamlin for a free consultation initially to understand your project. This can be done in person (by scheduling a meeting at our office) or setting up a time to talk on the phone.

 What is the process for ordering and shipping?

Tamlin has a simple flow chart and we can send this to you depending upon your building location. Contact us now!

 When should I order my house package if I want to build in the spring?

Start as early as possible. For a small cabin or custom home, depending on the time of year, it may take 2-4 weeks to design, 4-6 weeks for engineering and permit plans, and 6-8 weeks to prepare the prefabricated house package. While some of the process above can overlap, you should allow approximately 8-12 weeks for the house package to be manufactured, once the permit/engineering drawings have been completed. If you want to start in the spring, then it is advisable to work ahead the previous fall or earlier to get all plans done and submit your permit plans for approval.

 What is a good time to get to lock up?

With the Tamlin package many clients prefer to try to get the house to ͞lock up͟ by fall or prior to winter. This often means preparing the previous year to have all permits in place by the winter. This will allow time to get proper quotes for construction and book subtrades well ahead of time.

 Will Tamlin work with me if I live outside BC or Canada?

Yes, you can contact us via Email: [email protected] or call our Toll Free: 1-877-826-5461.

 If you require financing…

Tamlin has a network of finance people who are familiar with construction loans and house packages and we can make the right introductions, help obtain competitive bids, or work with your existing financial institution. There are many different requirements by financial institutions depending on the nature of your project (loan amount, own or buying land, building code rules, home warranty programs, etc) and we can help you navigate through the options.


 Tamlin Homes was established in 1977. With 40 years of experience and history in the construction industry, we have continued to thrive due to our custom “niche”. A high degree of customization compared to the other outdated home styles.


 Technical expertise. Tamlin has an industry leading level of technical knowledge. Because we have been involved in so many different styles and complexities of projects over the years we have developed the most functional yet practical building methods, and prefabricated component designs. Each project is designed and coordinated so you can achieve the maximum leverage to build your home by an optimal balance of design, speed, and cost – no matter where your home is being built.


 A manufacturer with builder expertise. Tamlin’s prefabricated homes are typically shipped to the site and a crew assembles the structure to “lock up”. Tamlin will ship ANYWHERE your lot is located. Tamlin also builds homes from the ground up to “turn key” (in British Columbia with our full build custom design division), so we understand all the steps involved in building and areas of cost. We also understand that each project is unique and our in-depth experience in building makes it easy to talk about site planning, engineering, surveys, sanitary systems, services such as water, gas and even geothermal energy.


 Customized design and product recommendations. Tamlin’s uniqueness is that we are both a seasoned builder and a manufacturer. While other prefab house makers may recommend their one dimensional system, Tamlin has a full range of products and installation methods to suite your project. From simple easy to install cabins designs to “hybrid” post and beam structures, with completely test fit timber components, seismic engineering, optional pre-insulated wall and roof panels, Tamlin has the know-how to optimize the value for you.


 Experienced planner. Tamlin is one of the few companies who understand the complex and potentially time consuming process of getting your project off the ground. This begins by using our experience to help you save time and money by focussing on the important areas of planning your project, depending on your stage of building. Because of the complex nature of building these days there are a myriad of issues that all of a sudden can delay your project and create costly mistakes. For example, development permits, environmental issues, geotech (or soils testing), road access, tree removal, permit requirements, local building bylaws, new building code requirements for energy and engineering, just to name a few. Consult with Tamlin first and we can help you navigate these processes.


 Ownership hands-on involvement. The owners of the company are often involved in overseeing and directing your project. This may be through assigning a project manager, reviewing costs or quotations, helping speed up procurement or manufacture of building components, or even visiting your building site to offer advise.


 Tamlin Homes is a member in good standing with the Greater Vancouver Home Builder͛s Association of BC. To maintain our status as a licensed builder, the Tamlin staff continue ongoing education in house construction.


 Award Winning Home Builder. In 2012-13, Tamlin was awarded the Georgie Award for Best Custom Home in British Columbia. This distinguished award was received over hundreds of other applicants (best custom home in the $1 – $1.5 million dollar category for the “Gambier”). In 2016 Tamlin was nominated for another Georgie Award for its unique West Coast Contemporary Home called the “Panorama”. In 2009-10, Tamlin was awarded the best commercial building award for its timber frame head office construction.


 Customer Service Award Winner. In 2014, 2015, and 2016 Tamlin won the HOUZZ award for Best Customer Service. These awards are only given to the top 1% of all companies registered on HOUZZ.


 Have a look at our long list of customer testimonials.


What is included in a Home Package?

 What building components are included in a Tamlin house package?

In general, a prefabricated home package includes the materials for the shell and structure of the home. These are the materials used to the lock up or dry in stage of construction and typically include floor systems, prefabricated walls, precut-ready to install timber frame components, roof system, porches, exterior sidings, doors, windows and the structural components of the home above the foundation. Options may include cedar decks, premade timber stairs, cedar handrail, wood ceilings, factory prestaining, and metal roofing. Ask Tamlin for a detailed list of our standard specifications for your building location or how we can fully customize your home.

 What else does a house package include?

Tamlin can provide designs, construction drawings, permit drawings, engineering, installation instructions, and we can customize your house package to suit your level of building expertise and needs. Our bill of materials system and industry leading packaging and shipping loading reports accurately provide a complete list of materials and where they are used in the lock up building system. Tamlin also has the resources to coordinate technical information to you and other professionals. Need help interpreting building codes or bylaws in your building zone? We can help. (Note: Some items are included in the basic package and some items are optional depending on your region and type of house package. Please ask for a specification sheet for your location).

 Does every house package contain the same materials package?

No, depending on your location,the house package materials and prefabricated components and may change. Depending on your building zone, materials specifications may change. That is why it is important to ask for a specific house package for your location and your building lot.

 Can my prefabricated home package be completely customized?

Yes, we can start with a fresh and unique set of drawings for your project if you wish.

 Can I just choose a model or standard plan and order a house package?

If you want to keep things simple and save the most time and money on a house package which meets your design and specifications, then yes, you can. Some of our most popular house kits are featured as SPECIALS on our website. If one of these models suits your needs with no changes, then you will receive the advertised special price.

 Are all house packages or kits the same no matter who I talk with, such as other prefabricated manufacturers?

No, every manufacturer has their own specifications, quality and building standards. Tamlin prides itself on its reputation built over the past 40 years. We are one of a select number of companies who have their own factory operation for timber frame/post and beam, panelized walls and hands on shipping.

 What drawings will Tamlin provide?

Tamlin provides the details of how all the building components and prefabricated components fit together. This includes industry leading construction drawings (floor plans, sections, elevations), bill of materials (showing all the individual materials in the house package and where they are installed) and builder level technical installation details. Depending on your project and your needs, we can provide custom blue prints, permit drawings, engineered stamped drawings, site plans (from original surveys) and other shop drawings such as timber connections, foundation/basement plans, and a full range of 3 dimensional perspectives. We often help clients to bring together all their information on one set of drawings. We can even provide plans which show the location of services (sanitary/septic, wells), existing buildings, new buildings, access roads and all set backs. We will work with you to make sure the details are accurate.

 Who will review my building code requirements and make sure the plans conform?

The final permit plan requirements are unique to each municipality. Tamlin will work with the homeowner or builder to gather and interpret the available information and we do our best to use this information to help you make optimal decisions about house placement on the site, building issues that might come up during permit (height and side setbacks, for example). This can be simple or may require much back and forth to confirm details with your permit office. Sometimes various levels of building regulations such as interpreting local bylaws development permits, environmental approvals or variances are required and Tamlin can help you through the process.

 Are all the materials in a house package prefabricated?

Some building components are prefabricated (factory built) and other materials are provided to be installed as part of a building system. There is little or no waste (environmentally friendly and friendly on your budget), as you have everything you need to get going on site.

 Is any spare material provided?

Yes. We allow a certain percentage of spare materials even though our floor, roof and wall layouts map out each piece of materials and where it is used in the our comprehensive bill of materials.

 What labour is required for a house package when it arrives on site?

You will require a construction crew to assemble the house package. The foundation needs to be ready on site prior to the house package arriving. Some of Tamlin͛s clients choose the DIY approach and coordinate all the crews themselves. Other home-owner builders ask for Tamlin͛s help to source a builder or crews.

 What is not included in a house package?

These items are the foundation, site work, services, electrical, plumbing and finishing work. Typically when the prefabricated house package arrives on site, the foundation is completed and back filled. You will require labour to assemble the package. Tamlin always tries to customize your building project to your needs, and this may involve optional materials, supervision or crews depending on the scope of work of each project.

 Can Tamlin help me decide which items to do myself and recommend other items for professionals to tackle?

Yes, talk to us because every building project is unique and we may recommend a different building system for you depending on your needs. The good news is that since we have builder experience (and we are a licensed builder in British Columbia), we can give you feedback on which items may be home owner friendly and which tasks might be suited better for an experiences subtrade or professional depending upon your experience and availability.

 Is a Tamlin package just a bunch of materials?

Not by any means. Our system typically saves hundreds of hours of time management and labour, since we do all the legwork for you on the ͚shell of the building. It can also save you from costly mistakes or moving in the wrong direction for months and finding out your task was unnecessary. From design, prefabrication and delivery right to your site and supervision, we have it all and make it easy to get to the lock up stage of construction. How much is your time worth?

 What is the difference between prefabricated and modular?

A prefabricated home package has many components that are made at the factory. These items such as factory made wall panels, precut and test fit timber frame, etc. are assembled fast on site to save a huge amount on labour costs. A modular home may include bathrooms , kitchens, finished flooring, and preinstalled electrical and plumbing. Typically modular homes are small in size and have many design restrictions since each module needs to be trucked to the jobsite. For both modular and prefabricated systems a foundation system must be prebuilt on site. If you are building a standard small cabin then modular might be the right choice for you. If you are building a custom home or cottage or want a post and beam style of home with open spaces and vaulted ceilings, then Tamlin͛s system is the best choice.

 What is Tamlin’s process for ordering a house package?

The best way to answer this is to ask Tamlin for a sample Flow Chart of our ordering process. A Tamlin staff member will be happy to review this flowchart with you step by step, so you know exactly what you are getting and what extras are additional.

 How do I receive a quotation for a custom or standard plan?

Just contact Tamlin and we will provide a quotation for you, delivered to your site, free of charge and review all the specifications with you.

 What Warranty is provided with my home package?

Tamlin has warranties on materials provided, prefabricated components and a 10 years structural warranty on your building. Typical window and door warranties are 10-20 year limited manufacture͛s warranty and on metal roofing can be 25-50 years. Warranties will change depending on the final specifications, options and your building location. Tamlin uses quality materials to begin with so we have few warranty claims. Ask Tamlin for other warranty information for your specific project.

 How are the materials shipped to my building site?

Tamlin ships worldwide. For Canada and the USA mainland, trucking access is available, we will use flat deck trucks typically up to 53 feet in length. Ask Tamlin for the right shipping method to your site. For overseas shipping, Tamlin uses 40 foot sealed high cube containers.

 What shipping documentation will I receive?

Each custom home is carefully coordinated so you will receive packing lists, loading reports and load plans. For export orders, we will work with a broker to clear your shipment through customs.

 What equipment do I need for unloading on site?

Usually a forklift or other lifting equipment is required. Contact Tamlin for more details on your site characteristics.

 What equipment do I need for the assembly of panelized walls and timbers?

Typically a zoom boom, telehandler or other lifting equipment is required.

What other Wood Products Does Tamlin Provide?

 Can Tamlin design and supply my deck system and porch?

Yes, we often custom design and supply western red cedar deck systems with timber frame porches. Each plan is custom designed so it will be suitable for your lot conditions and slopes. We can supply your whole deck structural system, stairs, railings and wood deck finishes or engineered product decking. A typical porch roof system will include prefit Douglas Fir timbers, 2×6 Douglas Fir roof boards and hardware/connections you need for installation. Contact us for details.

 What about premade stairs?

Yes, we can design and supply premade timber stairs. Hand sanded and ready for installation. Tamlin can also supply clear Douglas Fir railings and wood spindles if you prefer.

 Can Tamlin provide other wood finishing products?

Yes, for example we can provide 1×6 Douglas Fir ceiling panelling, 2×6 Douglas Fir roofboards/floorboards, timber accents for fireplace mantels, wide plank hardwood flooring, clear Douglas Fir casings (for baseboards, window/door trim or custom ceilings) and a variety of clear or knotty western red cedar products.

 Can these products be prefinished or prestained at the factory?

Yes. Typically we factory prestain exterior sidings, timber frame components, exterior Douglas Fir doors, and exterior sidings/trim (1×8 bevel, 1×10 board and batten, cedar sidewall shingles, exterior window/door trim, soffits, eave trim and cement board). These items are optionally priced. This save a huge amount of labour on site and also protects the components during installation.

How Much Does a Tamlin Home Cost to Build? What other costs should I consider?

 If you are considering being the general contractor for your home project or participating in the coordination of construction, Tamlin has the perfect building solution for you…

There is a big range of finished costs because there are so many factors involved. The best way to understand your cost ranges is to contact us and start with some of our standard models that have actually been built. We can review some building projects with you that might be similar to yours.

 How much is a house package? Does this include options? What options?

Tamlin provides a custom home package or the shell of the building including floor system, premanufactured walls, doors, windows, roof system,etc. and a comprehensive number of options. Tamlin also supplies the key design, engineering and technical elements of the house so it is not just materials. The cost of the shell package can range significantly depending on the style of house, size and level of customization. The easiest way to start pricing is to look at some of our home package prices in the website and contact us to confirm what is included and other costs to consider.

 How do I determine a realistic budget?

If you are considering building a new home there are many costs that you need to consider such as the cost of land, site preparation, services (such as water, gas, electrical, septic or sanitary) and the cost of house construction including foundation, framing, and finishing. Have a look at our list of construction costs at https://tamlintimberframehomes.com/our-process/budgeting/ There are also other soft costs of building such as plans, permits and professional fees such as engineering and other design costs if an architect or interior designer are involved. Given that building a house is probably the largest outlay of funds that you can make, it is worth the time to do your own research and find out who is the best company to meet your needs. Contact Tamlin for a free consultation about your project and have us help assess your budget.

 Is there a significant cost savings by trying to manage the project myself and use the Tamlin house package system?

If you have the time and resources to general contract your own project Tamlin can save you thousands of dollars since you will not be paying a general contractor to coordinate the work. However, you will have the technical support and experience of a our 40 years of construction experience, so you will also save hundreds of hours of work involving getting your house to lock up or dry in stage.

 Can I save costs if I live in the USA and want to import a Tamlin House Package?

Yes, you can typically save 30-40% on exchange rates and other tax savings. Call Tamlin for details and ask for our USA Welcome Package! We can also provide you with a free estimate for a package delivered right to your building site.

 Construction cost considerations

If you want a general idea of how much it costs to build in your local area you may want to call other local builders to compare pricing on a very rough per square foot basis. Tamlin can also help you with some ballpark estimates based on homes that we have already built.

 Can Tamlin help provide a ballpark cost of building one of their standard models?

Yes we can. In many cases the standard models have been built and while costs change every year and costs are different for every job site, a ballpark cost can be provided. Or if you are working with Tamlin on a custom plan, once you get to the completed stage of preliminary plans we can help you work through your budget before you commit to your final order.

 Will Tamlin guarantee my costs?

For your prefabricated house package, Tamlin will provide a fixed price. Additional costs will be incurred for options, shipping, taxes and other customized elements for your order.

 Can Tamlin help provide a rough cost on a set of plans that I already have?

Yes, Tamlin can provide an estimate for a prefabricated house package cost. Initially a ballpark price can be provided free of charge.

 What is the best way to calculate construction costs for my project?

There is no shortcut to determining costs and you should have a contingency budget in place too. One advantage of utilizing a house package is that with a custom plan or standard plan, at least you have a fixed cost to start with. Then add site work, foundation, assembly, siding and roof and this will bring you to a lock up ballpark cost fast. Depending on interior finishes, there can be a huge range of costs depending on your quality expectations but if you need help, contact us to discuss some typical finished cost of some of our standard models and you can use these as a base.

 I have a remote site or island location. Is it more expensive to build here and will it take longer?

In general, the answer is yes. There are a significant number of critical items to access, so it is a good idea to talk to a specialist like Tamlin before you get too far.

 Can I save costs if I live in another country and want to import a Tamlin House Package?

Yes. A lot will depend on exchange rates but we have shipped to over a dozen countries over the years. Most international clients are more concerned with the quality and uniqueness of our timber frame home packages.


What is the process to order a Tamlin Home Package? Contact us to review our process.



 Preliminary Estimation


 Preliminary Design and Conceptual 3D Design


Changes, Modifications


 House Package Specifications and Final Cost Estimate


 Construction Support Options


 Order Confirmation


 Final Permit and Construction Plans




 Prefabrication and Factory Production


 Materials Consolidation


 Packaging and Shipping (local or export)


 Shipping to Site and Unloading





 The more we know about your project, the more we can help you plan

Contact us for a free initial consultation. We use our experience building homes to help you choose or modify the right design and then provide you the tools to help you understand the whole scope of your project and decide which items we can take over to allow you the maximum/optimal system. Design, budgeting, site planning, construction scheduling — we have the experience.

 Who will construct my house package?

For building, there are two choices:

  • The client is the General Contractor
  • A builder is the General Contractor

Tamlin can work with you either way.

 Can I buy my house package from Tamlin and have Tamlin help with some of the construction?

Yes, this can be as simple as Tamlin supplying its subtrades to ͞assemble the timber frame portion only, or it could be a combination of work.

 How long will it take to assemble a prefabricated Tamlin house package?

A simple 1,000 sq ft one level house package may take 1-2 weeks to assemble the walls, timber frame and roof system and a simple 2,000 – 3,000 sq ft building may take 2-4 weeks. However there are many factors to consider when estimating construction time including weather, number of carpenters, equipment, site conditions, etc (see bleow).

 What factors can affect how long construction takes?

This will depend on the size and complexity of the building and site conditions, and each job is unique. However, here is a list to consider:

  • Is the labour experienced? (First time or experienced builder)?
  • Is a Tamlin supervisor required or is there someone who will take responsibility to review all the plans, details, manpower, and schedule prior to and during construction?
  • Time of year? (rain, sun, snow or are there site shutdowns due to fire bans)?
  • Number of crew members (1-2-3-4 or more).
  • How many hours per day are the subtrades working? (8? 10? 12? Weekends?)
  • Dependability of crews equipment availability (crane, zoom boom, or by hand).
  • Access to the site (Is there a road to the site and space on site to lay out materials)?
  • How is the lot? Somewhat sloped, severely sloped or completely flat?
  • How many floors is the building? One level? Two levels with basement? Or higher?
  • Is significant scaffolding required for construction?
  • Simple or complex roof system?
  • What level of inspections are required prior to and during construction? Engineering?
  • Are there any other professionals required for sign off or inspections? How long will this take? Will this delay construction?

Still need help?


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