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The Gambier **- 2585 Sq. ft. “Georgie Award Winning Home — “Spectacular Home for your Spectacular Views “

The Gambier **- 2585 Sq. ft. “Georgie Award Winning Home — “Spectacular Home for your Spectacular Views “

This home was originally constructed on a very difficult lot , at the peak of a cliff overhang.  With no ferry or direct truck access to the site, and open ocean crossing being a necessity,  all components and crews were shipped by boat and barge. Tamlin utilized its prefabricated home system to assemble the “shell” quickly, and then construct the entire home in a record 9 months ! Now you can enjoy the benefits of this award winning home without the hassle of months and months of design work. We can ship the “Gambier”  post & beam home package right to your site .
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Specifications & price subject to building location, zone and may change. Photos are for reference only and may have custom features added.

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About the Gambier.

The Gambier was designed and built by Tamlin Homes and is one of our most popular west coast contemporary homes .  This custom designed one level , open concept home features 2585 square feet of modern living space. The main living/kitchen and dining areas all share 15 foot high floor to ceiling windows, and even the master bedroom has expansive glass areas to take your most precious views.  Tamlin’s signature post and beam design is complemented with a stunning cantilevered roof overhang which gently covers your custom deck or porch.  With extra flex rooms and guest spaces this home has it all for perfect one-level living.  Utilizing our prefabricated building system, the Gambier was built from start to finish in about 9 months  — on a remote island.  Every building component had to be shipped across across open water by “barge”, and then loaded on small trucks to climb a 300 foot elevated lot overlooking the Pacific Ocean!  Typically , a construction project of this nature and remoteness would take 2-3 years to complete .  This is where Tamlin’s design, factory component prefabrication, and shipping expertise really made a difference.  While you may be completely satisfied with the Gambier plan “as is”, you can also modify this award winning home to make it your own. While our prefab wall systems and predesigned post & beam roof are included in this home package, you may  want to use our optional pre-insulated wall and roof systems(SIPs) for a much faster and energy efficient installation.

**The BC Home Builders Association recognized the difficulty of building such a unique home and awarded Tamlin International Homes a Georgie Award for ‘Best Custom Home Valued Between $750,00-$1,500,000 in 2013.  We are extremely proud of the fact that our custom home won such a prestigious award. A tremendous amount of planning, design and joint effort with the owners went in to this project. We would like to extend our thanks to the home owners on Gambier Island,  for letting Tamlin be a part of their experience. This home is so popular , it has inspired a new west coast contemporary design series including the “Discovery Ridge”, “Rossland”, Georgia Strait”, and ” Panorama” styles, all a part of Tamlin’s custom contemporary series. Contact Tamlin for more details on this spectacular home package.


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