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Discovery Ridge 1386-G (1386 Square Feet of Open Living Space & Incredible View Windows Plus 625 Sq. Ft. Garage)

$159,800.00 $149,800.00

Discovery Ridge 1386-G (1386 Square Feet of Open Living Space & Incredible View Windows Plus 625 Sq. Ft. Garage)

$159,800.00 $149,800.00

This Contemporary plan with a garage is a version of one of our most popular plans, the Discovery Ridge. This plan is 1386 square feet with a 625 square foot garage attached for a total of 2011 sq.ft. to the house by covered breezeway. This plan is drawn with a provision for basement stairs, which can be removed for a mechanical/laundry closet if you choose to have a one level home.

Note: Specifications & price subject to building location and building codes and may change.

Tamlin is a licensed General Contractor in British Columbia and our team can help you with plans, budgets, permits, site inspections, engineering and building or work with your general contractor or you as an owner builder.



This contemporary prefabricated SALE house package includes:

  • Construction materials to the ‘lock-up’ stage including the “shell” of the home
  • Prefabricated exterior walls for easy up installation
  • Hybrid Timber Frame Post & Beams in great room, living room and vaulted areas
  • Solid Douglas Fir timber structures at front entry & porch decks
  • Structural glu-laminated beams over great room for the roof system
  • Engineered roof structure
  • Premium Douglas Fir for soffits
  • Double glazed ‘Energy Star’ Vinyl windows with screens in beige/white or optional colored exterior
  • Exterior doors and windows complete with interior Douglas Fir casing
  • Exterior wall finish with cement board and/or western red cedar siding
  • Complete Building Materials package list send before delivery arrives




Features and Benefits:

  • Premium Douglas Fir, precut timber post & beam components, ready to install
  • Upgrade to Douglas Fir or Hybrid Douglas Fir vinyl insulated windows
  • Optional (Structural Insulated Panels) SIP’s Walls for ease of assembly
  • Optional (Structural Insulated Panels) SIP’s Roof to provide maximum insulation value and fast assembly on site
  • Glu-laminated and/or solid timber beams to accent interior of the home
  • Windows – double glazed vinyl ‘energy star’ rated with screens – subject to your building zone or code
  • Doors – Fiberglass (stainable) wood grain pre-hung ready to install
  • Optional factory pre-staining for cedar decks, timber accents and premium Douglas Fir ceilings
  • Yes, Tamlin can help with permits, engineering, drawings and building code approval



Note: Plans, drawings and photos are for reference purpose only and may show custom features not included in standard plans. Contact Tamlin for a detailed specification sheet and preliminary quotation for your building location. Engineering, permit plans, shipping costs and taxes are additional.


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